Universal Wrap Mini

and SnoPak™

The Lake Effect Universal Wrap Mini is redefining “small, but mighty” to help you take control of your recovery. The smaller contact pad features one SnoPak™ making the Mini ideal for ankle and wrist injuries, as well as the smaller features of children, where extra materials can inhibit flexibility. The Universal Wrap Mini securely attaches to the Lake Effect SnoPak™ to provide up to four hours of targeted cold therapy.


Universal Wrap Mini and SnoPak™ Instructions

Universal Wrap Wrist Instructions-01

Step 1

Unravel and lay out the Lake Effect Universal Wrap.

Universal Wrap Wrist Instructions-02

Step 2

Lay the SnoPak™ on the contact pad, Velcro® side down.

Universal Wrap Wrist Instructions-03

Step 3

Place the SnoPak™ side onto affected ankle, wrist or other small joint.

Universal Wrap Wrist Instructions-04

Step 4

Wrap the elastic around the affected joint and SnoPak™ until fully wrapped, and secure.

Download Lake Effect Universal Wrap and SnoPak™ Instructions

Lake Effect Universal Wrap


Small joint injury? The Lake Effect Universal Wrap Mini and SnoPak™  is here to help. With one point of attachment, the sleek design gives you the freedom to move about while providing targeted cold therapy to the affected area.  Minimize the need for caregiver assistance and simplify the rehabilitation protocol as you recover. 


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