True Zero™ Knee

and SnoPak™

Get back on your feet faster with the Lake Effect True Zero™ Knee and SnoPak™. By applying targeted pressure through a hidden air pocket, the splint locks the knee securely at zero degrees, helping to reduce scar tissue buildup, improve range of motion, and promote recovery.

For an extra edge, tap into the powerful cold therapy benefits of the Lake Effect SnoPak™. The SnoPak™ attaches to the inside of the knee splint and True Zero™ Wrap to provide up to four hours of continuous cold therapy, helping to reduce swelling and minimize pain.

  • Locks the Knee at 0°
  • Adjusts with Recovery
  • Up to 4 Hours of Relief
  • Minimizes Pain

Lake Effect True Zero™ Knee and SnoPak™ Instructions


Step 1

Sit on a flat surface. Place your foot in the True Zero™ Foam Pillow, toes pointing upward.


Step 2

Position the splint behind your leg. The wider portion of the splint should cradle the back of your thigh with the bullseye behind the knee cap.

LE-Knee Splint Illustrations_8.8.19-03

Step 3

Secure the splint. Pull the elastic band over your knee and fasten the Velcro® tab to the back of the splint.

LE-Knee Splint Illustrations_8.8.19-08

Step 4

Apply the True Zero™ Wrap over the splint. Place the True Zero™ Wrap over the splint, centering the Lake Effect logo over your knee cap.


Step 5 (Optional)

Before applying the wrap, attach the contoured Lake Effect SnoPak™ or heat packs to the inside of the wrap with the black side of the SnoPak™ facing up.

LE-Knee Splint Illustrations_8.8.19-07

Step 6

Ensure full extension. Your knee should be extended at zero degrees.

LE-Knee Splint Illustrations_8.8.19-06

Step 7

If you can bend your leg with the splint on, pump the attached air pump until the wrap feels tight and secure and the knee is straight and inflexible.

Download Lake Effect True Zero™ Knee Instructions

Lake Effect True Zero™ Knee

and SnoPak™

Extension is an important part of knee recovery and rehabilitation. The Lake Effect True Zero™ Knee helps you reach full extension through a revolutionary combination of stretching and bracing. The True Zero™ Foam Pillow reduces hip rotation for accurate application. Our splint provides an easy-to-use solution for gaining full extension whether you’re recovering from Total Knee Arthroplasty, ACL surgery or you’re rehabilitating an injury or joint damage.

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