Graymont Medical’s Nathan Gray Featured on WBBM Newsradio

Nathan Gray, CEO and Co-Founder of Lake Effect, discusses Lake Effect’s shift to producing face masks and hand sanitizer

On May 16, 2020, Nathan Gray, Lake Effect’s co-founder and CEO, was interviewed on WBBM Newsradio about how we’ve responded to the devastating shortage of personal protective equipment by shifting our focus to producing antimicrobial face masks.

“We started off making these masks for employees, for family, for friends,” says Gray. “Now, we’re up to manufacturing 20,000 face masks per day. We’ve made hundreds of thousands of these.”

In the last month, Lake Effect has sold masks to families as well as to companies looking to safely transition back to their daily routines. Lake Effect is also offering hand sanitizer and bulk orders of 50+ masks. 

Proceeds from each mask sold benefit Frontline Heroes, a nonprofit that provides PPE to healthcare workers and first responders. 

You can purchase an antimicrobial face mask and hand sanitizer here.

Visit WBBM to listen to the full interview.