Universal Wrap

Knee Wrap

After a knee injury, the Lake Effect Universal Wrap and SnoPak™ is there to help you get back on your feet faster. Utilizing a groundbreaking combination of cold therapy and compression, this reusable wrap is designed to provide pain relief and support while you recover on your terms.


Universal Wrap and SnoPak™ Knee Wrap Instructions


Step 1

Unravel and lay out the Lake Effect Universal Wrap.


Step 2

Lay each SnoPak™ on the contact pad, Velcro® side down.

Cold Wrap Illustrations-01

Step 3

Extend the knee straight

Cold Wrap Illustrations-05

Step 4

Place the SnoPakside onto the knee

Cold Wrap Illustrations-06

Step 5

Wrap the elastic around the knee and SnoPak, starting from the bottom to the top until fully wrapped, and secure

Download Lake Effect Universal Wrap and SnoPak™ Instructions

Lake Effect Universal Wrap


Knee injury? The Lake Effect Universal Wrap and SnoPak™ combines lightweight compression and joint stabilization to provide up to 4 hours of continuous cold therapy to revolutionize your recovery.

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