Venture™ Safety Pak

Venture™ MicrobeSafety Masks™ + Hand Sanitizer

The Lake Effect Venture™ Safety Pak keeps your health and safety top of mind. Our packages come equipped with two Venture™ MicrobeSafety Masks™ and one 2-oz bottle of hand sanitizer. 

  • Proven protection against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
  • Antimicrobial properties that last for up to one year
  • Hand-washable
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly
  • Adjustable straps for a universal and secure fit
  • Nontoxic and breathable fabric

Lake Effect Venture™ Safety Pak and MicrobeSafety Mask™

Essentials for Your Safety

Working alongside our partners at Ezy Wrap, Lake Effect has answered the call to provide protection for people all over the country with our new Venture™ MicrobeSafety Mask™. Our washable, reusable, and adjustable face mask is specially treated with MicrobeCare™, an antimicrobial coating that is proven to provide 99.9% protection against harmful bacteria and viruses. All of our proceeds go to the Frontline Heroes COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Venture™ MicrobeSafety Mask™ - Cases of 50

Individually wrapped Venture™ MicrobeSafety Masks™ sold in boxes of 50 masks


Venture™ Safety Pak and MicrobeSafety Mask™ - Bulk

Bulk order the Venture™ Safety Pak and ship it directly to your team

Venture™ Safety Pak and MicrobeSafety Mask™ - Individual Use

Each package comes with one 2-oz bottle of hand sanitizer and 2 Venture™ MicrobeSafety Masks™

About the Venture™ MicrobeSafety Mask™

Each mask is treated with MicrobeCare™, which provides a 99.9% reduction in surface contamination, creating an impenetrable barrier against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses. Effective and proven, MicrobeCare™ is an EPA-registered antimicrobial.

The Venture™ MicrobeSafety Mask™ comes with adjustable straps that provide a secure fit. Nontoxic and washable—this medical-grade mask will maintain its antimicrobial properties for over one year.

  • Treated with MicrobeCare
  • Adjustable straps for universal fit
  • Antimicrobial properties last 1 year
  • Made from flexible material
  • Hand washable and reusable
  • Nontoxic and breathable

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Protection for the Front Lines

All proceeds go to the Frontline Heroes COVID-19 Relief Fund


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Our Fight Against COVID-19

We are in an unprecedented health crisis. As the primary distributor of the Venture™ MicrobeSafety Mask™, Lake Effect and Ezy Wrap will donate $1 from every mask purchased to the Frontline Heroes COVID-19 Relief Fund. Our goal is to ensure that every healthcare provider has access to the vital protections they need to serve our communities.

Money Raised for Our Essential & Frontline Workers
Number of Venture™ MicrobeSafety Masks™ Sold
99.9% Effective in Killing Viruses and Bacteria

A Message from our Founder

Lake Effect is thrilled to partner with Ezy Wrap to distribute the Venture™ MicrobeSafety Masks™. With a long-standing track record in medical products, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality and protection. Thank you for putting your safety in our hands. We won’t let you down. 

  • Lake Effect’s masks are way more sturdy, and comfortable, than any of the options we were given. Every day a different co-worker will ask where I got my mask and where they can get one too. Leave the N95 masks for the COVID patients and the frontline healthcare team, these are perfect for everyone else.

    - Dan
  • My staff are delighted to have a washable and even comfortable mask to wear around both the office and at home as an extra layer of protection against catching and potentially spreading the virus. We’re also pleased to be able to make a contribution to our fellow healthcare workers in Frontline Heroes. Thank you for these masks!

    - Carmen

About Lake Effect

Lake Effect is dedicated to providing value-based care to healthcare professionals and patients. With an innovative line of surgical-grade masks, cold compression therapy devices and more, the Lake Effect team works alongside physicians, scientists, and patients to improve the way we care.