Getting to Know Lake Effect

Find out how Lake Effect harnesses the healing power of cold to accelerate patient recovery

Cold therapy is a safe and effective way to treat patients experiencing joint pain post-operatively or otherwise. Channeling the healing power of cold, Lake Effect developed a line of braces, slings, and wraps that take cold therapy to a whole new level and provide patients with a value-based care model. Here’s how we’re dedicated to helping you recover fast and come back stronger than ever.

Chicago Born

Lake Effect was born right in the heart of Chicago with a mission to serve orthopedic patients more effectively and safely.

The Lake Effect team is made up of people who have first-hand experience in the field and as patients in the operating room with what it means to recover from an orthopedic injury or surgery. Nathan Gray, our principal and co-founder, constantly strives to solve complex medical problems through innovative solutions. 

“In light of the opioid epidemic, we saw a need for a flexible and effective line of orthopedic products to assist in patient recovery,” said Gray. “We developed this line of braces, slings and wraps specifically with the patient in mind.”

The Recovery Revolution

With a focus on creating low-cost pain relief methods that work to minimize discomfort, maximize recovery and reduce overall narcotic use, the Lake Effect team collaborated with physicians, engineers, and patients to develop the product line. The goal was to combine two long-established forms of injury rehabilitation–compression and cold therapy–to create better, cost-effective, and more powerful orthopedic devices to accelerate healing and give patients much-needed relief.

Innovative Designs 

Unlike other cold therapy options, the Lake Effect SnoPak™, our direct-stick cold pack, offers hours of continuous pain relief. We intentionally designed our SnoPak™ for application with our other products, allowing patients to apply joint-stabilizing compression and cold therapy at the same time. Unlike other cold therapy treatments, such as ice packs or gels, the SnoPak™ is reusable, eliminates leakage potential, and has a built-in skin barrier to prevent frostbite.

Building on the lessons learned while developing the SnoPak™, Lake Effect designed easy-to-apply, adjustable wraps to secure and support jointed areas of the body. The Universal Wrap Series aids in the recovery of minor injuries or procedures to the hip, shoulder, ankle, knee, back, and wrist. To help combat more serious injuries and operations, we also pioneered the True Zero™ Knee, Abduction Shoulder Sling, and Lake Effect Hip Brace. These orthotic devices go above and beyond traditional slings, braces, and splints by enhancing recovery through their unique function of joint rotation and extension correction and built-in cold and compressive capabilities.

Goals for the Future

As we look to the future, we strive for constant improvement to our value-based care model and development of revolutionary medical equipment. We are dedicated to helping you recover fast and come back stronger than ever.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional searching for a more effective treatment for your patients or someone recuperating from an operation or injury, remember that you are not alone.

“Lake Effect was created to help you weather the storm of recovery,” says Gray.

To learn more about Lake Effect products, contact us today.