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Back Wrap

Lightweight joint stabilization paired with continuous cold therapy make the Lake Effect Universal Wrap and SnoPak™ the perfect solution for back injuries. This reusable and adjustable wrap is designed to offer cold therapy to both the upper and lower back to help you overcome any injury or setback.


Universal Wrap and SnoPak™ Back Wrap Instructions

Universal Wrap Back Instructions-01

Step 1

Unravel and lay out the Lake Effect Universal Wrap.

Universal Wrap Back Instructions-02

Step 2

Fold the elastic band in half, and cut along the middle of the fold.

Universal Wrap Back Instructions-03

Step 3

Open up the secret flap on the SnoPak™ Velcro® side.

Universal Wrap Back Instructions-04

Step 4

Secure the cut strap to the hidden Velcro® flap on the wrap.

Universal Wrap Back Instructions-05

Step 5

Lay each SnoPak™ on the contact pad, Velcro® side down.

Universal Wrap Back Instructions-06

Step 6

Place the SnoPak™ side onto the back and draw the elastic across the abdomen and secure.

Download Lake Effect Universal Wrap and SnoPak™ Instructions

Lake Effect Universal Wrap


Back injury? The Lake Effect Universal Wrap and SnoPak™ combines lightweight compression and joint stabilization to provide up to 4 hours of continuous cold therapy to revolutionize your recovery.

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